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Display Items Shoe Displays Need

Posted by on 3/28/2017

You’ve thought about the shoes going into your display, have some placement ideas floating around your head, and feel ready to go. However, you may have forgotten about one important component: the structural items that make up your shoe displays! While forgetting small details is permissible, you simply can’t leave these items out. 

  • Shelves 

Shelves are an excellent way to show your footwear off at various angles and create interesting visual effects. Find the right shelves for height, dimension, and fantastic angles. 

  • Mirrors

Of course, we all run out of room or spread ourselves too thin. Shoe displays get crowded, fast, and mirrors are an excellent way to show off aspects of the shoe that may not be obvious at first sight. Plus, your customers can take a look at their new shoes and see if they are the perfect fit! 

  • Shoe Sizers 

Each shoe company is slightly different when it comes to sizing. Even if your size is common and you have no problem finding footwear, it never hurts to try on different sizes. Shoe sizers will help your customers find the best shoe and fit for their needs - plus, it gives the display a classic look! 

  • Risers 

Though shelves do plenty in terms of the overall look and feel, risers are a nice little detail that will keep your shoes high and angled. Risers also add some extra room since they hold more than one shoe, leaving plenty of creative layout options for your display! 

  • Shoe Forms 

For a customer to fully understand how the shoe will fit their feet, they need to try it on. Still, a shoe form is a decent second option. Once inserted in the shoe, it shows the footwear’s true shape and how it is supposed to look. It helps make your best shoes look even more attractive, and makes interesting designs pop. 

Without these items, your shoe displays will not be at their best. For plenty of attention and top-notch looks, you cannot go wrong with these items. For all of your display needs, call Joslin Displays at 1-(800)-325-1030!