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Designing Your Store Using Gondola Shelving

Posted by on 10/11/2018 to Articles

Gondola shelving is arguably one of the most widely used displays in retail today. This type of shelving is used to display numerous different products and allows you to create aisles. It is designed to show rows of product on both sides, as well as the ends. It can be outfitted to display many different kinds of merchandise, from clothing to small trinkets. Joslin Displays has precisely what you need to design your store exactly how you want it.


Gondola shelving consists of a rectangular piece of wood or metal that is covered in holes. These holes can be outfitted with shelves, hooks, or other things to display your merchandise.


The first decision to make regarding gondola shelving is how you want them to be placed on your store floor. Traditionally, you can use them to create aisles within the store. You could also have them against the walls for an open concept. Be careful with this, because then you are eliminating the possibility of using both sides of the shelving!


Once you decide how to arrange the vertical pieces, you must decide what you want to use to display your product. You can install hooks to view items like clothing or more substantial items that would look awkward on a shelf. Since the vertical part of the rack has multiple holes, you can also decide exactly how many shelves you want! We recommend not putting them too close together. Even if you have smaller inventory to display, making the shelves too small can make it hard to get products towards the back, and can make the display look overcrowded. It’s also best to keep your products as close to eye level as possible, so your customer can easily see everything you have to offer.


For example, you could install hooks on the top part of the shelf to display the item, and then have shelving underneath to store additional inventory of whatever you choose to show. This way, customers can select the product without disturbing the one on display.


And there you have it! Gondola shelving is an easy way to customize your retail displays to fit your needs. Call Joslin Displays at 800-325-1030 to discuss what retail displays would work for you!