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Creating the Perfect Holiday Retail Display

Posted by Kevin on 11/1/2020 to Articles
Creating the Perfect Holiday Retail Display

Although the holiday season of 2020 will be like one we’ve never experienced, retail stores are getting ready. Although the offerings may not be as extensive as what we are used to seeing, having a holiday display that catches the customer’s eye is still imperative. Retail fixtures are the way to get this mission accomplished.


Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is a practice within the retail industry to optimize the presentation. From products to services, showing off what the store offers will catch attention and motivate customers to make the purchase. Visual merchandising is often considered an experience. Knowing how the arrangement of merchandise makes one feel is key to a successful display.

However, to do so, one must first recognize their audience and understand what will appeal to them. For instance, if your shoe display is aimed towards younger generations, you won’t want to create a window of loafers and slippers. Instead, displaying the newest sneaker and various styles of the hottest brand would result in a higher return.


Lights, props, and retail fixtures

For holiday displays, one must think big and outside of the box. Glamour and glitz, sparkle and elegance, are all factors potential shoppers look for during the holiday season. To accomplish such a task, one must play with lighting and other props. Retail fixtures are also an excellent tool to display a wide range of items in an appealing and organized manner.


It’s all about the placement

Once you’ve determined the product you want to display and how you’d like to display it, it’s time to consider where to place it. Placing your holiday display in the best location is key to its success. Whether the display is located in a front window, the store’s entrance, or strategically placed outposts, the theme should be carried out throughout the entire store.


If you need help crafting your 2020 holiday display, consider contacting Joslin’s Displays about the wide range of helpful products. From an extensive line of mannequins to shoe displays and retail fixtures, we have the in-stock inventory to help make your season successful.


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