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Creating a Unique Mannequin Display

Posted by on 3/8/2019 to Articles

When working on your retail display, every piece is essential.  Showcasing your best products, appearance is key.  Every detail of the display needs to be unique and eye catching.  Mannequins are typical the focal point of a display.  To draw attention while enhancing your display they, too, need to look their best. Below are a few ways to optimize your next display.

Rotate Outfits

While a great outfit is key to making your display shine, it will not stay in trend forever. Switching up outfits to keep your mannequin up to date is key to catching the eye of the shopper. You want to be sure that your display features new looks and are appropriate for the season. Reworking displays accordingly to show off the trendiest inventory will be effective.

Have Diversity

With an abundance of mannequins available, diversity is easier than ever.  Representing different races and genders, it is good to have a wide selection of characters.  Having variety in your display draws the attention of a range of consumers. By appealing to a broader audience, you can be sure that you will see an increase in sales.


By outfitting your mannequin with an array of accessories, you will enhance visual excitement.  Not to outdo the outfit, accessorize should compliment and showcase the key features of your display. 


Keep them Tidy

Static pieces collect dust. Tidying up a display that has been touched by consumers, also means keeping it clean.  Be sure to give a little extra TLC to your mannequin.  The last thing you want is your time and effort going to waste when a consumer turns the other way after noticing a dust bunny on your mannequin.

Vary Poses

If your display contains more than one mannequin, be sure to keep it interesting.  Statues in the same pose can make your display look a bit boring. Adding a variety of poses can give more life to your display. An exciting flair to your storefront will be attention-grabbing.

Making sure your mannequins are looking great will enhance your display. Strong unique displays will capture the attention of shoppers and bring business in your door. For all of your display needs, contact Joslin Displays at (800)-325-1030.