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Complimenting Shoe Displays

Posted by on 9/26/2016 to General

Working with displays is all about keeping everything cohesive and streamlined. Making displays look their best is key to attracting customers and bringing income to a business. However, this can be difficult with certain products that are rather static or have little room for variation. 

Shoes are a product that can have some variety, but are not as expressive as clothing or accessories. Still, there are plenty of ways you can dress displays up to compliment the items and make everything look nice. Below, see how shoe displays can be complimented and stand out. 

  • Shoe Accessories 

There are plenty of products you can buy to make your shoes even more expressive. Laces, socks, and more are some aesthetic-based options. Still, shoes need some maintenance every now and then to continuously stay sharp. So, deck out the display with products that are able to both dazzle footwear and keep its quality in good shape, such as polishes or buffers. 

  • Matching Outfits 

You can kill two birds with one stone when you include a nice outfit in your shoe displays. This way, you are able to demonstrate what cool products you have in the garment world, while showing off some footwear to compliment it and finish off the look. Having a complete “look” is an easy way to inspire shoppers and really show customers what you've got. 

  • Vibrant, Themed Signs 

Half of the effort necessary to obtain clients relies on effective advertisement. If people are not interested, they simply will not be shopping with that business or stay invested. So, when it comes time to construct a display, make sure the signs used are vibrant and contain themes that make the shoes pop and match. It will drive home what these shoes are all about and make them highly visible. 

Though working with a fairly static product can be difficult, you can still make shoe displays look great through complimentary measures. Once it is vibrant enough, customers will pay attention and invest in the business. 

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