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Common Mannequin Options

Posted by on 12/9/2015

Finding the right mannequin for your store can be an excruciating process. There are so many options and things to consider when choosing the right one that it can make anyone’s head spin. It is important to consider what your store is all about for starters. If you are a children’s store, you would not ever consider getting adult sized mannequins, that is obvious. That is why you need to think about your store, what they display should convey about your store, and, honestly budget. Mannequins are not cheap and different styles may cost more than you realize.

When you pass the first step of finding out what you want to convey about your store, it is time to go shopping for your mannequin. Below are several common mannequin types that you will most likely end up purchasing for your store.

Realistic. These mannequins are the lifelike mannequins. With a humanoid face, complete with eye color and everything as well as relatively accurate body depiction, it is usually used in higher end stores. These mannequins usually have fiberglass “skin” to give the look of a true human being. With wigs attached, these mannequins are unbelievably close to true human features.

Abstract. Also known as Egghead mannequins, these mannequins lack the features of a human being. Features that are common in the realistic mannequins like fingernails, facial characteristics and muscles are not usually sculpted onto these mannequins allowing for a trendy look. If your store is looking for that minimalist mannequin, this is the one to go to. They can come in a variety of colors, both male and females with a glossy or matte finish giving you the freedom to choose.

Headless. All body and no head, headless mannequins come in different sizes, poses and colors. Usually with a long neck, they are able to display almost any articles of clothing other than those with a hood that you would wish to display. If you have limited height in your display, then this would be the mannequin for you to choose.

Torso. Sometimes it is not necessary for you to have a full mannequin in your store. Sometimes all you need is a torso to show of a man’s dress shirt or a woman’s blouse. Torsos save on space, but limit how much you can add to the display. These are fantastic for limited spaces but when you still need to make a statement.

Plus-Size. If you have a plus-sized section in your store, it would be a good idea to display the clothing for that section as well. Plus-Size mannequins are used to display articles of clothing correctly, as something in a size 6 will not fit the same way on a size 16. This is a good way to welcome all of your customers into your store and get more profit from accurate depictions.

These mannequin types are the predominant mannequin types in the field today. With a few others not mentioned like children mannequins, pregnant mannequins and posable mannequins, this should help you understand which mannequin you may be able to choose based on the needs of your store. When ordering your mannequin, call Joslin Displays and we can help you narrow down your options to the perfect mannequin.

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