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Benefits of Bootshapers

Posted by on 11/11/2015

When we pull our new favorite boots off of their shoe display for purchase, we often secretly hope the cashier will forget those shapers in the boots, and Joslin Displays doesn’t blame us for it! Boot shapers are a great retail store fixture and accessory used to present their boots in all their glory, and there’s a reason they are an essential item in any shoe store. There are so many benefits of these shapers, and we can list a few off of the top of our heads!

Prevents creases. When you invest in a pair of tall boots, whether they be felt or leather, creases ruin their value! Not only do they show, they can wear specifically in those creases, and can be uncomfortable on your foot or ankles if the crease lands in the wrong spot. Boot shapers keep your boots looking and feeling brand new.

Reduces lingering foot odor. Boot shapers not only keep your boot straight; it allows for better air flow. If you suffer from smelly feet, boot shapers might be the answer to your prayers! By allowing your boots to stand upright and breathe, you can avoid the lingering smell of foot odor without additional remedies.

Makes boots easier to store. Tall boots that fold over on themselves can be difficult to store because there just isn’t enough room in your closet for the extra length! Boot shapers keep your boots up right, and allow you to maintain your shoe display without the worry of your boots taking over your closet.

Fit any size boot. Aside from the length of the neck, the size of your boot does not matter! Whether you’re a size 5 or a size 10, you can share your boot shapers between family members who need them, or move from one shoe brand to the next without having to buy more than you need.

Unfortunately, these commercial quality shoe display accessories are often better quality than those you buy online or in department stores. That’s because these businesses shop at Joslin’s for their display needs, but now with our Home Solutions business, so can you! We have a line of boot shapers for you to use in your home, because we know how essential they are to your wardrobe. Check out our inventory online or give us a call today at (800) 325-1030.