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Attract the Largest Shopping Demographic with Female Mannequins

Posted by Administrator on 8/22/2014
Female mannequins from Joslin Displays

It’s often been thought of as stereotypical to say that women shop more than men but the sobering fact is, they do. While many people in society might like to shy away from this topic in fear of being labeled as sexist or misogynistic, Bridget Brennan, a Forbes magazine contributor and author of the book, “Why She Buys,” jumps head first into the arena. She shines a spotlight on something that every retailer and fashion designer knows for a fact; that women simply shop more than men. This is why using female mannequins in your retail store is so incredibly important in order to attract the largest shopping demographic.

In her Forbes article entitled, “The Real Reason Women Shop More Than Men,” Brennan says that, “In virtually every society in the world, women have primary care-giving responsibilities for both children and the elderly (and often, just about everybody else in-between). In this primary care-giving role, women find themselves buying on behalf of everyone else in their lives.”

Women Shop More than Men

Perhaps it’s the fact that Brennan is a women herself or maybe it’s because it’s her job to study the shopping behavior of women, but she has no qualms about letting people know that yes, women do shop more than men. Whatever her reasons are, it’s an important piece of information for retailers to know; especially with back-to-school shopping in full swing. It’s an important time for retail store owners to use female mannequins to attract female shoppers right now. And Joslin Displays has all the mannequins any retailer could ask for.

Female mannequins, as well as other types of mannequins, should be used to great extent now because women are going to be doing a great deal of shopping for, not only themselves, but for their children, other family members, and friends as well. It’s also a fact that women have better peripheral vision than men so dotting your showroom floor with attractive store displays is going to prove to rake in business this season. Use female mannequins as points of interest in your store and let them guide shoppers throughout the showroom in a casual, fun sort of way. With the high quality female mannequins from Joslin Displays, you’ll see a dramatic uptick in sales sooner than you think.

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