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Attract Tourists With Your Store Display

Posted by on 6/8/2018

Whether they’re in the windows or on the sales floors, store displays are vital to the success of your retail space. They need to be eye catching, easy to understand, and be organized. Especially in beachy tourist destinations, you’re competing with ten different stores within walking distance that sell similar merchandise.  At Joslin Displays, we’re dedicated to making sure your MA store display is as effective as possible, especially during the busy season.

In order to compete against other beachfront shopping, you first need to differentiate yourself. Even if you sell the same or similar products, the way you display your merchandise can determine your sales.


For instance, if you want to show off your huge inventory of different colored sandals, maybe you could create a display that featured a rainbow of footwear. This conveys the message that you have a lot of options, so someone who’s looking for something in particular may choose your store over one that only has one or two styles.


Perhaps you’re shop specializes in handmade decor made from shells and seaglass. Even if there are three other shops in the same area that sell decor, you are unique because your handmade inventory cannot be replicated elsewhere. You could showcase this by using uniqueness as your differentiator - use the decor as a focal point of the display. Putting similar pieces out with slight variations shows that no two pieces are the same, and they cannot be found anywhere else.


No matter what makes your shop unique, make sure you convey that in your display choices. If given two identical products at identical prices - how would a consumer know what to pick? By advertising what makes you different, you set yourself apart from your competitors. And standing above competitors can help get traffic into your store.


At Joslin Displays, we have thousands of products, such as shelving, hooks, racks, showcases, and counters to design the perfect MA store display to make you stand out. Stop by our shop in Wilmington and let us help you make all your display dreams come true.