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Art Classes: Man versus Mannequin

Posted by Joslin's Displays on 1/3/2020 to Articles
Art Classes: Man versus Mannequin

With the new year upon us, millions of people have made their resolution.  Whether it’s the most common resolution, self-care, or to take up a new hobby, people are at it! One of our favorite resolutions that we heard over the holiday was to invest time in becoming more creative. 

With a variety of art classes available to those who are interested, we thought this was a great way to balance and ground oneself after a long day.  Whether you enroll yourself in a painting or digital arts class, still-life representations are a fundamental basis. Enter, Joslin’s Displays.

If you happen to be the instructor of one of these classes, we present an idea to you; female or male mannequins.  Mannequins are a perfect solution for several reasons when it comes to painting, or creating, a still-life.  This article will highlight a few benefits of utilizing a mannequin versus a human for your art instruction.


They don’t move

One of the most apparent benefits of choosing a male mannequin over a live model is the fact that it can hold a pose for a greater length of time.  In fact, your mannequin will hold a pose until the end of time should you so choose to live it there.  When learning to depict the human figure, movement can be one of the most challenging elements to deal with.  As sessions close and resume, finding the same pose in the same lighting is tricky.


Mannequins are cheaper

Sure, investing in a male or female mannequin is an upfront cost, but over time, you’ll thank yourself.  Consider this, the average price of a mannequin is approximately the cost of two sessions of a live model.  So, if you’re planning on teaching more than two classes, you’re investment will be quickly returned.


They are realistic

One of the biggest arguments made is that a mannequin could never replicate a human’s curves, bumps, and naturalness.  However, we beg to differ.  With the advancements today, mannequins can come as simple, or as detailed as you’d like them.


If you’re considering hosting an art class that will utilize live models, it may be time to consider your alternative options.  Female and male mannequins are the perfect, budget-friendly investment for all levels of instruction.  For more information, contact the experts at Joslin Displays.  Our team is committed to providing total customer satisfaction every time guaranteed.  Call us today at (800) 325-1030 or inquire at [email protected].