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Accessories to Bolster Mannequins in Display

Posted by on 11/7/2016 to General

Having your display looking great and ready to attract customers will surely bring business and success to your shopping space. It is important that all things are made well enough, but keeping them preserved and intact is equally meaningful. Otherwise, the display could fall apart and cause disasters down the line. Mannequins are a huge part of displays, since they offer plenty of customizable options and prominence. 

There are a few accessories you can use to secure these statues in place. Joslin Displays recommends the following! 

  • Bases

You need a strong enough foundation to make the item stay in place, after all. Work with the selection of base options and find the right fit for your mannequin. It will keep it rooted in place, which makes it easier to maintain and keep an eye on as you shift your displays around. 

  • Poles

Of course, the base is not going to work without a quality pole to hold everything together. There are plenty of lengths to look for, and a quality pole will hold the mannequins upright. The posture of the statue will be even better if it has all of the right security measures in place. 

  • Casters 

The easier a mannequin is to move around, the better. Displays shift all of the time, and keeping up with trends is essential to draw the attention of customers. Casters are small wheels at the bottom of mannequin bases, which makes them movable - a definite plus that will make rearrangement that much simpler. 

At Joslin Displays, we offer plenty of accessories that can make your mannequins stay rooted in place and in top form. Come to us for all of your display needs, whether you are looking to hold up a mannequin or display some shoes. Give us a call at 1-(800)-325-1030 to find out more information!