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Accessories That Improve Shoe Displays

Posted by on 10/17/2016 to General

Shoe displays are a necessary component for storewide decor, and they keep everything looking cohesive. Though they are fairly static, displays can easily be enhanced and made even more pleasing. There are some accessories out there that can really make these displays pop and draw the attention of passerby. 

Below, see how you can take a shoe display to the next level with certain accessories, and always contact Joslin Displays for any of your display needs. 

  • Risers 

These little shelving units can take your shoes and elevate them as much as you would like, while adding some structural uniqueness to your display’s overall look and feel. It can also be a way to add just a bit more storage to your display as well, since they have smaller slots built in. These should be used for the most prominent and important shoes you want to make front and center. 

  • Forms 

These pieces are able to be used to hold your shoe in place. It is necessary to keep your shoes looking excellent, and part of that is keeping them in strong form so they can appear proper. When it is in such a preserved and pristine state, a shoe is able to be fully displayed and show all of its features while staying in formation. 

  • Mirror 

When it is time to try on a product, you want to see how it looks on you as soon as possible. Luckily, shoes are a type of purchase that you can easily look at without the whole fitting room ordeal. 

Make a mirror part of your display so others can see how their shoes look on their feet immediately. In addition, it is a way to reflect the theme and all products your display has. 

  • Shoe Sizers 

Every shoe, and every foot, is different. Finding the best, most comfortable fit is key for the customer and shopping for footwear in general. Having a shoe sizer or two as part of your display can be an easy and effective way to provide those answers. They will be able to find out their size and get sorted right away - which means they can get to purchasing the right shoe even sooner! 

  • Additional Maintenance Products 

Laces, polish, protective spray, socks…there are plenty of maintenance products you can use to make your shoes look their best and maintain them for the foreseeable future. Having them right at the display makes sales and finding the right accessories simple, and can really boost accessory sales down the line. It also adds a bit of flavor to the display, which is useful since shoes can be a relatively static product. 

When you are constructing a shoe display, there are ways to make it work the best it can be. Accessories are a big part of the deal, and can really take your average display up a notch. Use the above accessories, and your shoe displays will be top quality! 

For all of your display needs, you can rely on Joslin Displays. Call at 1-(800)-325-1030!