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5 Clothes Hangers Every Store Needs

Posted by Joslin Displays on 7/1/2022 to Articles
5 Clothes Hangers Every Store Needs

When it comes to selling anything, presentation is key. And if you’re selling clothes, presentation and display are even more important. You need to show off your products in such a way that your customers will want to take them off the rack and try them on. At Joslin Displays, we know that the best way to display clothing is on a mannequin, but you can’t do that for every product you have in the store. For the items that you can’t model on a mannequin, clothes hangers are the next best display choice.

Here are 5 styles of clothes hangers that you should have in your store.

Classic Wood

You could be selling the best quality clothing around, but if you put it on a cheap-looking hanger, it will look cheap to the customer. Wooden hangers always look good and you can get them in different finishes and colors to match the design of your store. They also last much longer than plastic hangers, so you won’t have to rebuy them as often.

Padded Hangers

If your store sells lingerie or other delicate feminine clothing, padded hangers both preserve the shape of the garments and make an attractive display. The padding is usually covered in satin or similar fabrics, which look pretty on the rack. Padded clothes hangers also come in several colors. You can then build them into your displays and coordinate them with your store’s decor and color scheme.

Skirt Hangers

The only way to display a skirt on a hanger is on one with clips to hold the garment up. To avoid dimpling the fabric, you always want to get hangers with rubber-coated clips.

Sweater Hangers

No one wants to buy a sweater that has shoulder puckering from being on the hanger for a while. The angle of the shoulder flare on a sweater hanger is narrower than a typical shirt hanger to avoid stretching out soft knit fabrics.

Suit Hangers

If you sell men’s clothing, suit hangers are indispensable. When selling all the pieces of a suit together, you need to be able to display them together on the rack as well. Hangers with a wide trouser bar are best because they reduce creasing in the suit pants.

Specialty Clothes Hangers from Joslin Displays

If you are opening a new clothing store or restocking display supplies, Joslin Displays has everything you need. From specialty clothes hangers to slat walls to shelving, we have anything you could possibly want to set up the perfect displays for your store.

Contact us at 1-800-325-1030 to learn more about all the supplies and fixtures we have available.