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5 Ways to Increase Sales with Male Mannequins

Posted by on 10/5/2015

Male mannequins from Joslin DisplaysIt’s a simple fact that men are less inclined to spend a great deal of time clothes shopping than women are. In fact, it’s been proven that women have better peripheral vision than men, so it’s not an outlandish idea to think that women have simply evolved to be more discerning when it comes to shopping for new clothes. So, exactly how do retail store owners plan on getting men to shop for and buy more clothing? With male mannequins of course!

Using male mannequins allows retail store owners to give men a better idea of what various types of clothing and accessories will look on them or for someone they’re shopping for. So it’s important to use male mannequins in ways that will keep men interested in shopping more and, hopefully, buying more. The following are five simple ways to use male mannequins to increase sales.

  1. Dress male mannequins in the latest fashions – Not only do you have to make clothes look good on a mannequin, but they also have to reflect current styles, the current season and your store’s overall atmosphere. Having multiple male mannequins in outfits that complement each other also works to attract the attention of male shoppers.
  2. Get creative with male mannequins – It’s important to change your mannequins’ outfits and positions regularly in order to keep your customers from getting bored. This works to make your showroom more attractive while also allowing you to show off more merchandise.
  3. Have multiple mannequins interact – Male mannequins should remind men of themselves – the more realistic the mannequins, the better. Putting mannequins in realistic group settings leaves strong impressions on male shoppers.
  4. Put mannequins where they’ll be most effective – In window displays, clearly visible showroom displays and at other highly visible spots in a showroom are the best places to put male mannequins. You’ll see sales increase in places where you’ve put male mannequins.
  5. Keep a mannequin’s merchandise nearby – There’s nothing more frustrating to a shopper than not being able to find the clothing they see a mannequin wearing. Make sure you have a male mannequin’s clothes in stock and easily accessible to your customers.

These are only five of the many benefits you’ll see when using male mannequins in your store and, remember, at Joslin Displays, we have all the male mannequins and store fixtures you could ask for!

If you’re interested in male mannequins, contact us at: 1-800-325-1030