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5 Ways Retail Store Fixtures Increase Sales

Posted by Administrator on 8/8/2014
Store fixtures

At Joslin Displays, we know how important it is for retailers to use store fixtures to sell their merchandise. After all, we’ve been selling retail store fixtures for over a century now so have seen fashion styles and consumer behaviors change a number of times. And, while the times change, the fact remains that attractively displaying merchandise in a clean and cohesive manner will always lead to more sales.

Having been in business for so long doesn’t just mean that we’re privy to the importance of using retail store fixtures; it also means that we’ve evolved into the premier source for the best store fixtures in the business. From mannequins to shoe displays to garment racks to gridwalls to slatwalls and everything in between, Joslin Displays has everything a prudent retail store owner could need at incredibly affordable prices. We also place a high emphasis on customer service, which is why we’d like to take this time to discuss 5 ways that store fixtures work to increase sales.

  1. Making visual impressions – By nature, consumers seek organization and even guidance when shopping. They’re not going to be attracted to a disheveled heap of clothes on the floor for example. Instead, consumers need to be able to see a product in a way that is strong enough to create a visual impression in their minds. They’re then more likely to purchase the product because they have a better idea of how the merchandise will look in real life. Using store fixtures to create multiple visual impressions throughout your floor space will naturally lead to more sales.
  2. Defining your look – Store fixtures can be organized in a way that lets customers know what type of store yours is. If you’re selling outdoor goods, for example, a wooden, folksy look may be your best approach and if you’re selling technical equipment and accessories, a more metallic theme may work best. It’s not necessary to stick to one theme throughout your entire floor space, however, but using store fixtures to define your store’s “look” is an incredibly powerful way to create and maintain a relaxed shopping environment.
  3. Making displays flexible – Because the fashion industry is always changing, it’s important that store fixtures are able to be used in a wide variety of ways. Joslin Displays offers store fixtures that are easy to move around and change however way you see fit. Our mannequins can be dressed anyway you like, our garment racks can be moved to different parts of the floor space, and our slatwalls can be customized to suit any style.
  4. Promoting your brand name – Use our store fixtures to repeatedly remind consumers of your brand name. Your average shopper is a busy person and shouldn’t have to ask a cashier who they’re making a check out to. Make sure to have your company’s logo and sign located in as many easily seen places as possible.
  5. Creating a uniform environment – Much like the way store fixtures work to make visual impressions, they are also effective when creating an overall neat and tidy showroom that doesn’t overwhelm your customers. Using store fixtures that don’t mix well causes confusion in the average consumer so try not to drastically mismatch the style of your fixtures. However, while one section of your showroom can have a metallic theme, another can have a folksy theme. As long as the two are easily discernible from each other, customers will be attracted to the cohesive look you’ve created.

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