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5 Tips for Effectively Dressing Mannequins to Increase Sales

Posted by Administrator on 7/15/2015
5 Tips for Effectively Dressing Mannequins to Increase Sales

Mannequins from Joslin DisplaysVisual merchandising plays a pivotal role in the retail market because, by nature, people are very visual creatures. As shoppers, we’ve all experienced the thrill of checking out merchandise that is well displayed on mannequins without even being aware of it. We’re naturally inclined to look at merchandise that is displayed in the more realistic form that mannequins provide. And, as retail store owners will attest to, merchandise moves far more quickly and usually at a higher price when it is attractively displayed using mannequins.

Rather than merely having merchandise folded up on a shelf or hanging from a coat hanger, mannequins work to bring clothing and accessories to life in a way that intrigues shoppers, keeps them shopping longer and increases their willingness to buy merchandise. And, because we believe that informed customers are happy customers, we’d like to share five tips for styling mannequins that will surely increase sales.

  1. Use new merchandise – Using flashy, bold, new merchandise on mannequins displayed against a floral backdrop, for example, makes for an attractive store display that both highlights your clothing and attracts the attention of customers.
  2. Layer your merchandise – Mannequins are extremely versatile selling tools because they can be dressed to the nines with multiple layers of clothing and adorned with a number of accessories without looking cluttered. Use this to your advantage by displaying a variety of products on your mannequins in creative yet sensible ways.
  3. Always iron or steam your clothes – The last thing you want in your display is clothing with creases or wrinkles in it. Always make your merchandise look its best and break out the steamer or iron before you dress your mannequins.
  4. Use accessories – An outfit is never complete without the addition of attractive accessories. Having mannequins sporting items like jewelry, sunglasses, watches, hats or bags creates strong displays that customers simply can’t ignore.
  5. Attend to the details – Show off the best and most unique aspects of your merchandise by paying close attention to the otherwise overlooked details. Pushing up jacket collars to show off their lining, rolling up pants to show off footwear and turning back shirt cuffs to show off the contrast between items of clothing, for instance, are excellent examples of small things you can do to spice up your merchandise on mannequins.

These five tips should help you get started using your mannequins in ways that will surely attract customers and increase sales!

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