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5 Reasons You Need PVC Slatwall in Your Home

Posted by Joslin's Displays on 8/7/2020 to Articles
5 Reasons You Need PVC Slatwall in Your Home

Whether you’re a new homeowner or lived in the same property for decades, there’s a universal fundamental truth. That truth: organizing and maintaining your home isn’t easy! This is especially true when you add children, pets, or roommates into the mix. Life, and belongings, can quickly become hectic and disorganized if you don’t stay on top of details.

Although many people rely on expensive designer shelving and baskets for solutions, our team at Joslin Displays encourages you to consider PVC slatwall. Often associated with retail displays, this type of organization tool is an easy addition to any closet and offers a variety of benefits for your home.


Superior durability 

PVC slatwall is one of the most durable options in any environment. Long gone are the days of overloaded shelves that fall and leave homeowners frustrated. Dealing with a pile of mess on the floor, the next path is finding a more durable solution to avoid the same happening in the future – enter slatwall.

Furthermore, some slatwall models provide water-resistance, which doubles in benefits in high moisture environments like bathrooms. Quality, strength, and durability you count on – what more could you need!


Less clutter 

Whether your hobbyist or a homeschooler, essential needs can quickly create clutter. PVC slatwall can help you organize your space, accessories, and supplies with ease, turning an overcrowded area into one of modernized function! By adding hooks and other available accessories, you’ll have a unique and creative organization tool.



In a sense, you can turn this type of wall into anything you need them to be. At Joslin Displays, we offer a variety of accessories, including trims, hooks, screws, and more to make the most of the wall solution purchased. Whether you want to make it a full-on display wall, or choose to use it for something else, there’s no doubt that these surfaces are easily customizable and versatile. 



Compared to other wall options, our slatwalls are significantly lighter and more comfortable to transport. Their weight, in turn, makes transportation, installation, and maintenance a breeze. It can be overwhelming when you use something much more massive. 


Simple installation 

Let’s face it; DIY projects can be fun. However, they often require much more effort than first anticipated. With the easy installation process of slatwalls, you can easily add character and organization to your room. 


Adding a PVC slatwall to your home can make quite a difference. To learn about our selection and other items we offer, give Joslin Displays a call at 1-(800)-325-1030! 


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