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3 Tips to Make Your Display Cases Work for You

Posted by Joslin Displays on 9/1/2022 to Articles
3 Tips to Make Your Display Cases Work for You

Once you get your customers through the door, your next challenge is keeping them inside your store. Front-of-store displays are essential to grabbing customers’ attention and drawing them further into your store. At Joslin Displays, we know the importance of putting together an attractive display that shows off your merchandise. Display cases are more than just a place to put your products. They tell your customers what the rest of your store has to offer.

Here are three tips for making your display cases look their best.

Stay on Theme

One of the most important elements of a successful display is a cohesive theme. Use a display to highlight a particular item and use other products to build your display around it. Once you select what item or product is the focus of your display, pull in others that complement it. As long as you don’t select items at random, you can mix and match to create your display. If you have a new item you want to push, but also sale items you need to shift, merchandise them together if you can connect them thematically.

Hold Back a Little

It’s important to put your best foot forward, but hold back some of your best stuff. Front-of-store displays are meant to draw your customers further into your store. If you can, you want to have multiple displays throughout the store that direct your customer according to a certain traffic pattern. If you overload the front of your store with your best items and displays, your customers will either be overwhelmed or uninterested in exploring the rest of your store. If you distribute your display cases and featured products throughout the store, it allows your customers to take in everything you have to offer while they move through the store.

Remember to PARC

PARC stands for “proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast.” Here’s how you employ the tenets in this common visual display acronym:

  • Proximity – Group similar items together and position other displays nearby so that the customer can easily see the variety of your products.

  • Alignment – Position your display cases so that your store layout makes sense. You never want your customers to be confused about how they are supposed to move through the store.

  • Repetition – Keep your signage and branding consistent. Use your color scheme and company logo to tie all your displays together.

  • Contrast – While you want your displays to be visually consistent, you don’t want them to all be the same. Explore options within your color scheme as well as variations in display sizes and product arrangement and lighting.

Display Cases from Joslin Displays

If your store is expanding or your fixtures just need a refresh, Joslin Display has everything you need to show off your products. Visit us in person to view our inventory or call 800-325-1030.