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3 Things to Avoid When Setting Up Shoe Displays

Posted by Joslin's Displays on 12/1/2021 to General
3 Things to Avoid When Setting Up Shoe Displays

When thinking about different ways to redesign your storefront, the last thing you want to do is make it look dull or unoriginal. Why? Well, one of the many things that attract people to your store is how the set-up attracts the eye. Our team at Joslin’s Displays is here to help you draw in people to your store by supplying you with a large variety of clothing and shoe displays. Today, we are providing you with things to avoid when creating your new displays.

One-dimensional is a thing of the past.

One common question we hear is people asking why their store isn’t attracting new customers. Often, this is because their store looks one-dimensional. This means that the displays you have set up could look either monochromatic or they are simply not appealing. By adding a variety of visual elements such as height, depth, and color wherever you see the potential to do so, your display will achieve new heights. Further, placing elements in different places where you don’t typically see things displayed, such as vents or hung from the ceiling, provides even more appeal to your store’s display.  

Clutter is always a no. 

When people walk into your store, they don’t want to see a mess. While it can be very easy to overdo your displays, remember that less is more. Keep things simple with your displays while still drawing people to them by matching items with colors that pop. 

When setting up a new display, you first want to establish a focal point with a piece of your collection that you want everyone who passes to see. Then, place that item in the middle of your display when placing other similar items around it. This way, people will be drawn to your focal point and then be tempted to check out what you put around it. 

Get inspired.

Another thing that drives people away is a lack of inspiration for your storefront or inside displays. Boring displays make your store look plain and dull. One thing you should never do as a store owner is to have a lack of creativity. That said, it happens! If you feel a lack of creative inspiration, take a walk and look around. What displays catch your eye? What about those displays stand out? Notice the item placement and diversity. Take photos and borrow ideas, but don’t copy them. Remember, an original display is one that attracts and gets people excited about visiting your store.

Make your store pop with Joslin’s Displays.

For decades, Joslin’s Displays has provided businesses with creative and new ways to display their products. Everything from mannequins, clothing displays, and shoe displays, we have it all. 

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