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3 Myths About Mannequins Debunked

Posted by Joslin's Displays on 4/1/2021
3 Myths About Mannequins Debunked

Mannequins have been around for a long time with the primary use of displaying clothing. While most mannequins have remained consistent, time has brought about changes. For example, male mannequins, in particular, have evolved over time, and people have found more uses for them outside of clothing stores. With their many uses, comes many confusions. Here, we’re presenting the top three myths or misconceptions around mannequins.


Mannequin parts are not movable. 

While some mannequins are stationary, posable mannequins provide movable features. Female and male mannequins are available with bendable arms, legs, waists, even fingers! This allows mannequins to fit more seamlessly into a role by posing with appropriate gestures and postures.


Male mannequins are just for retail. 

While we may see mannequins in clothing stores more than anywhere else, they are not only for retail stores. For instance, mannequins are used in many historical societies and museums to display historical clothing for men and women, or even military uniforms. Further, several sports museums utilize mannequins in the same manner.


Mannequins are easy to dress. 

What most people don’t realize is that to dress a mannequin, you must first dismantle it. For example, before a shirt can go on, the arms must be removed. Once the shirt is over the head and on the bodice, the arms must be carefully weaved into the sleeves before reattaching to the body. Because mannequins come in a wide range of positions, you can imagine how tricky some situations can be.


Mannequins can be made from many materials, made of many shapes and sizes, posable and non-posable, or in specific poses. At Joslin Displays, we offer a variety of female and male mannequins, as well as dress forms, take a look at our website or call us today at (800) 325-1030.


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